Have you ever struggled with plans that God laid out to you and then the process just seems to make it impossible to secure the end result you were promised?

Yeah — me too!

In Matthew 5:17, Jesus said He came to fulfill, not to destroy. While the words seem easy and reassuring, that is much easier read than accepted. Sometimes the box you’re placing yourself in needs to completely change to realize what God is facilitating. The religious leaders of the day couldn’t see that — and sometimes we can’t see that either. Change is so hard to accept when it is not the way you thought it would go. That person was not even supposed to be around and definitely not involved in any change.

At least in your mind.

Yet God sees many things that we may not ever have a clear picture of — and the path that the end vision is on will likely look nothing like what you thought it would.

I never thought I would be where I am at now. I’m twenty-eight years old — mother of two — and married. I met my husband five years ago and I have a son from a previous relationship (hint: not a part of my plan) — I dropped out of college at nineteen years old and have yet to go back (hint: my plan was to be an English professor and writer) — oh, and I was going to live on the East Coast or Seattle (hint: I live in a small town in Oregon). I don’t think any of my journey has been a part of my plan in any way. There was a point that I had taken marriage off the table so I could see the change in my community that God has promised — for them to come together and change their lives. Never in my life would I have thought my end goal meant I would end up planting myself that I now work closely with, marry an amazing (extremely patient) man, and working in a youth homeless shelter, loving on those kids.

Nope — facilitating God’s vision in my life has meant that sometimes He is going to blow up my box that I’ve placed myself in or the box of the church that the religious leaders of His time had ended up in.

The change that God has coming in your life may end up blowing you out of your comfort zone (hint: there’s a 99% chance that it will).

Enjoy the ride!