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Come as you are

  Come as you are... This does take a bit of practice, and effort to do our part in this right? To let go of what the world says you ought to be, to let go of what others think you should be, and to just be you, who you are. Who God created you to be. Full of...

8 Powerful Questions

Powerful Questions to judge your thoughts by. Ever felt like you had all these questions running through your mind and weren't really sure which ones to believe in or hold onto.  Here are 8 powerful questions that you can ask yourself in times of contemplation....

Don’t be robbed again!

"When your mind takes you somewhere sad, dark, doubtful, or negative, you don't have to go with it." Mel Robbins -------- It is such a simple but utterly profound statement that completely captured me this morning. Isn't amazing that although we can know that we don't...

Shift Happens at GVC

We have heard most of our lives, “character counts”. We desire integrity in others we are doing business with….we suffer when it is absent & benefit when it is present. You can FEEL the effect of integrity, but we are often NOT realizing how it affects the results...

Fight Back

Fight Back! Sometimes life becomes a bully and backs us into a corner. Helpless, feeling abandoned and without hope, we back deeper in. Unsure of where to turn, along with a looming fear of failure and loss we choose to stay in the corner. This is common, even an...

Have Hope

Have Hope! Hope: A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.   Have some hope for the impossible! Sometimes the hardest things to have hope for are the things that seem the most impossible. Isn't that what hope is? Feeling expectant for...


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