Fight Back!

Sometimes life becomes a bully and backs us into a corner.

Helpless, feeling abandoned and without hope, we back deeper in. Unsure of where to turn, along with a looming fear of failure and loss we choose to stay in the corner. This is common, even an epidemic today.

So what do we do?

Do we choose to stay in the corner and let the bully win? Do we just sit and watch life, friends, family and so much more pass us by?

NO! We have a choice. We fight!

It feels impossible with such a seemingly large bully in front of us. But even the biggest bullies fall to a determined person willing to fight. Choose today to fight. Get determined to not let that bully win. Know that you are greater than the thing that has you backed into the corner.

Choose to overcome it. Choose to fight.

Today, get your fight back!

7 ways to get your fight back

1 – Discover your enemy – Know the bully that stands in front of you. It is a lot easier to fight when you know what you are fighting against. This may take some time of looking in and getting past all the emotions to the real issues that are trapping you.

2 – Choose to Fight – It really is a choice. Let’s face it. ¬†We can choose to stay in the corner, but we can also choose to fight our way out. This is normally the hardest part. Sometimes it is so much easier to stay where we have gotten comfortable.

3 – Don’t fight alone – You don’t and shouldn’t have to fight alone. Reach out to someone. Get some help in the fight. Sometimes the encouragement and outside perspective can give you what you need to stand your ground. Find a friend, mentor, family member or anyone safe that you can share your fight with.

4 – Take action – So you know who you’re fighting. You have chosen to fight and you have a friend at your side. Now it is time to take action. With your friend, decide what step one is. Whatever that may be, you have to do something. Start small, take a baby step as long as it is a step forward you are making progress.

5 – See the Victory – You must see the victory at hand in order to win. Take some time and see yourself winning the battle. Imagine what it is going to be like when you do win. Know that the victory is yours!

6 – Don’t give up – Fighting has its ups and downs. You may get bruised along the way, but you will win if you don’t quit. Push through and when it gets hard, fall back on your helpful friend who is fighting with you.

7 – Inspire Others – Sometimes the key to defeating your foe is helping others defeat theirs. This seems crazy but when you take the time to encourage others you will find yourself encouraged also. Once you have found yourself in victory lane this is a great way to stay there also.


There is a lot to winning the battles in life. Most of the time it is digging deep, realizing that you have the ability inside of you to fight and fighting. It is a choice that only you can make.

Remember, don’t do it alone. Battles are better won with friends. Get some help today if you are struggling in the fight. It really is worth it.


Shaun Kono