The start of a new school year is always a change. 

Three months of freedom, three months away from some friends and with no homework? Well, it’s always a different playing field for teachers, students, and parents alike when they come back onto their respective campuses. It is especially difficult in these days now that our children contend evermore with the LGBTQ+ movement that is washing through the pathways everyone walks.

It’s a hard thing for the church to address, in part because it has almost certainly affected someone near to each person’s heart, but also because of the political correctness that the majority seem to strive for. The political correct wording that the Church also strives for each week. While the lifestyle that children may have encountered at one time or another in school maybe shouldn’t have changed, that does not mean that it hasn’t. There is an assumption that has been made in regards to sexual orientation and gender identity that is not one of sound Biblical doctrine.

Many have taken the approach of just not addressing the issue at hand, not explicitly stating what the Bible says and are allowing the secular world to formulate the conversation and continue to have that conversation with our young people, of all ages. More important than the potential to offend the person standing next to you though, is standing on the sound Biblical perspective. It must be addressed, and addressed by the Church.

There are things that are explicitly stated in the Bible that you are not to do. The Bible is very clear about them — you are not to murder (though the world does agree with that in most cases), you are not to commit adultry (that remains the status quo of something you should not do), you are not to steal (if you ask your neighbor… pretty sure they’ll agree that it shouldn’t happen ever). But the world rolls their eyes when Christians say that pre-marital sex is wrong and many have stopped preaching it outside of an occasional youth leadership message. The Church, however, rarely stands up and speaks anything in regards to the LGBTQ+ community and the lifestyle that they are living and identifying with. We, as parents and role models, are blessed with the reality that there is little debate as to what a Biblical lifestyle would be if you were abiding by the Book to assist in guiding children. There is little argument and yet many in the world that we currently are living in, there seems to be a rather large amount of grey area that the secular world believes that people can spend their lives in — a place where they are able to pick and choose what parts of the Bible they are to obey. 

We have reached a point where proactiveness is no longer suggested but required of individuals, that we are not able to rely on teachers and principles and youth pastors to be the ones educating children on what is a Godly lifestyle anymore; as parents and influencers, educators and mentors, we must be proactive with the next generations. There is a beauty and a connection when you spend time with your child every day discussing the things that they heard in school, when you are willing to go to the principle to find out what the curriculum that will be taught ahead of time so you are able to have discussions before the school ever gets a chance to help formulate the thoughts of what is okay. 

Speak in Truth — but most importantly, always remember to speak the truth in love. Every individual that walks the planet is one that has value and promise in God, regardless of the choices that they are making in their walk. Loving the people around you, while still guarding your heart and the hearts of those under your care is an important task that each of us has been equipped with.

Pastor Craig Schlesinger