No one can underestimate the potential of the next generation and our nursery crew certainly is not about to get started doing that! With a team of parents, grandparents and everyone in the middle (along with some energetic teens mixed in for good measure), our nursery has some of the best people that you’ll meet spending time with your kids on Sunday mornings and they’re more excited about it then your littles are to play with the toys — and we have some pretty exciting ones in the room as it is.

We are so excited to have your kids join us every Sunday and you can rest assured that we have the training and oversight to make sure that you’re able to leave them in our care while you spend some time with the Lord.


Harmony Klingenmeyer

Director of KidValley

Harmony is the Children’s Ministry Director at Garden Valley Church. She is married to her husband, Scott, and together have parented 19 children in foster care and adopted three sons out of that program in Oregon. She is a mother, teacher, author, minister, and speaker across the country. Harmony believes that the heart of Papa God is to father a generation of fatherless children, and she and her husband are dedicated to seeing His will happen on this earth. In her spare time, she speaks nationally, advocating for the orphaned, bringing life-giving revelation from scripture and accurate prophetic ministry to those hurting.

Kristina Wilmot

Assistant Director of GV Nursery

With a passion for kids, especially the little ones who love snuggles and running around more than a little bit, Kristina has a heart for people that is unrivaled and a passion for kids knowing the love that God has for them. A parent to a dynamic, brilliant teenager and an animal lover to her many farm animals, Kristina spends her time homeschooling, helping others find the thing that brings excitement to their heart, and loving on the little ones that are in her care. She brings years of experience in relating to people and assisting them through difficult situations, as well as handling immense amounts of stress, something that helps her navigate childcare better than most individuals.


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