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Youth Culture

Brandon Stone and Guests

With a heart for youth, Brandon has grown up in the Douglas County area before spending three years in a school of ministry out of California; now in leadership at Garden Valley and running a successful youth ministry, he wanted to speak to the culture of today and the youthful perspective that comes with his experience. He has extensive connections throughout the Pacific Northwest region and with other youth pastors, drawing on those people and experience to be able to talk candidly about being fully alive, living in the Spirit, mental health today and so much more in this podcast — all focused on speaking truth to the culture we each live in.

Wow, Look at us Now!

Michael and Rochelle Oneslager

With the unique perspective of bringing real-life Christianity to the masses, Michael and Rochelle approach each “hot topic” with an ease and accessibility that is desperately needed in today’s Christian culture while still remaining true to themselves. Newly married and exceedingly passionate for people to meet God in the same way that they have over the past years, they bring in their own guests who are walking out various points of their journeys today. Don’t miss out on this incredible perspective from two people blending their lives together with God leading the way!

Special Content

Rhema Words

Talesha Radford

There are two important Greek words used in the Bible. One is Logos and the other is Rhema. The definition of Logos in Greek means the written word, much like the written word in the Bible. The definition of Rhema in Greek means a specific, personal word from the Lord. God is constantly speaking to us! Sometimes He uses His written word (logos) in situations, and other times He uses a word that is personal and specific that can be applied in a “now” moment (rhema). Both are powerful and both speak volumes in helping us navigate life. The vision of this project was to take the written word and create prophetic, rhema word declarations to wash over each individual as they listen. There is power in listening to the spoken word. It is sharper than any two-edged sword and it is a treasured tool for all of God’s children to use. Our prayer is that when you listen to His word and these declarations, that His word and His truth would become a powerful reality that you can stand firm on throughout life! 


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