video and live stream

With a drive to capture the message that is needing to reach the person that hears it, the GV Video and Livestream Team loves to love people. We bring forward the heart of Garden Valley Church whether it is in person or online. Whether we are building people with teams, learning with other leaders or bringing up a technology department to work with generations to come, we strive to have people feel welcomed and share their gifts on a variety of avenues.


Sunday Morning Livestream

Partnering with our Online Engagement team and our preaching pastors, we broadcast our Sunday morning services on a weekly basis, as well as provide the content to watch past sermons and worship services through our app and on YouTube.

Special Events

With an ever-growing amount of services and conferences throughout Garden Valley, we partner to provide an excellent experience to those watching or listening that are unable to attend in person and allow them to feel the presence of God in the midst of where they are at. 

Podcasts and Video Content

Garden Valley strives to provide a voice to many, along with the avenues in which to do so on a variety of topics. Launching video and audio podcasts in 2022 with a wide range of speakers and a wider range of topics has been on our hearts and we are excited to announce that we are officially live! Join us for a continual stream of content, with dynamic and unique voices speaking the truth that God has imparted to each individual within our community and region.



Shon Beer

Director of Video and Livestream



Garden Valley Church
3047 Garden Valley Rd.
Roseburg, OR. 97471

(541) 673-1293


Tuesday – Thursday
9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Sunday Morning Service
10:00 am – 11:30 am