Have Hope!

Hope: A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.


Have some hope for the impossible!

Sometimes the hardest things to have hope for are the things that seem the most impossible. Isn’t that what hope is? Feeling expectant for things that have not yet come to pass and seem the farthest out of reach.

If the things that we were hoping for were not so impossible or far away, we wouldn’t really need hope. Hope is really irrelevant for the things that are close at hand and obtainable.

If you have things that seem impossible, then you also have an opportunity for hope!


Hope keeps us moving forward towards the impossible because we have the expectation that it can happen. Hope gives us the drive to press in, push forward and have a joy that our day will come!

What kind of dreams and passions are you having hope for this year? Are you carrying in you any sort of expectancy for them?


Know that hope is the catalyst for living in the impossible and having joy when the impossible has not yet happened!


Have hope in your dreams, press forward and hope for more!