In Luke Chapter 10:38 there is a well-known story in the Bible in which two sisters encounter Jesus. One sister is found working hard to making preparations, clean, dinner.. you get the idea in order to make the stay just right. One sister is found sitting at the feet of Jesus resting. Both very different encounters with Jesus but yet .. so profound. When Martha approaches Jesus about why her sister Mary is doing nothing Jesus’ reply is stunning. He reminds her that in all the things that life demands, work that is waiting and all the things that hinge on what we do… rest creates a space where we can just BE, to encounter and experience Jesus in a way that makes a way to not only BE but to BECOME. What I find absolutely captivating is the Bible never says that Martha never rested, but its apparent Martha didn’t know the power of rest that Jesus refers to when He speaks of Mary’s choice to sit. The Bible also never says that Mary never worked or knew the value of work, however it is very clear that Mary was able to see the magnitude of the opportunity presented before she and Mary chose to rest. She chose to sit at the feet of her Lord and just BE and to encounter. How many times in our lives do we get busy? Just one more thing and then we’ll sit. One more load of laundry, one more chore, one more call to make, one more place to be? It happens so fast and then often I find and maybe you do too, that we have lost our encounter to rest. We, like Martha, have become distracted, worried, and have lost that moment to sit at our Jesus’s feet and to just BE. Moments that forever impact and change our lives. Life will happen. It’s true. But I challenge you today to not let your work invade your rest. To work and to rest is essential not only in your life but to fulfill what only you can do for the Kingdom. We will have lessons of Martha in life and lessons of Mary in life, and having the characteristics of Martha will be valuable and having the characteristics of Mary will be valuable but, having the power to discern the difference will be imperative. I believe Martha experienced that day an awakening of moments that had been fleeting past her undiscovered underneath all the work that she felt to accomplish. What moments in your life is God wanting to awaken? What moments in your day that were purposed for rest being invaded by work or your to-do list? Like these two sisters, what is Jesus using in your everyday life to invite to draw you to a place of rest and in his presence? What encounter is waiting for you? Rest. – Christi Stone