You know, there was a point in my life that I thought that everything had to have a careful plan laid out. By me, no less. Or at least, you know, known by me. I didn’t ever really grasp the concept of a larger work and there being more moving pieces than what I could grab ahold of or that I was able to understand.

Look, I’m a planner. I am my mother’s daughter at heart. I like to have things clearly laid out in front of me and know what’s going on so I can figure out the logistics — and figure out everything that might end up going wrong in said plan as well. For those that know me, they know that I literally carry a planner around with me, it helps me feel more stable and it certainly helps me take a breath and know when I need to start evaluating my workload (which sometimes happens with my inability to say no).

I always interpreted scriptures talking about the plans God has not so much as this broad idea, but as something that I would just know no matter what. Jeremiah 29:11 is pretty specific, “I know the plans that I have for you.” I’ve yet to find something that said that He is going to give us a detailed road map of every point in your life — it’d probably eliminate the fact that He lets us choose what we do if He did.

There is a certain comfort that our flesh feels in having this carefully laid out plan, knowing every point that you’re going to be at and where you will end this journey on. Good, bad, ugly or indifferent? Well, there’s a whole different kind of comfort in knowing that we don’t have to worry about the plans that are out there for us. It was a journey and a half to learn this for me — I never probably will fully grasp it if I’m honest with you, but knowing that God is the One that knows the plans, that they’re to prosper us and to have us succeed? Well, we don’t even have to really worry about the outcomes if we’re doing what He’s asked us to do, if we’re placing our trust in him.

After all, He has already won any battles with may face, we just gotta take a breath and trust in Him.