Have you ever heard the idea that our relationship with Jesus in our hearts is similar to a house? A house with some bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. I want you to imagine your heart as a house, the house that we all get the privilege to host Jesus in. The Bible says that we host the presence inside of us. So how much are we really allowing open to Jesus and does he feel at home in our house?

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” 1 Corinthians 6:19

Imagine being in your house right now, it is a Saturday afternoon and you are inviting a few people over for coffee. We all welcome people into our home, and they are immediately in our entryway or our foyer. That spot is a given when we have guests in our home. We normally invite them into our living room space, dining room, or kitchen to get the coffee, and hopefully some sweets too! The bathroom is open to them as well and they feel at ease using it. Now, this is where it will get different for each person. Do you invite to give them a tour of your entire house? Do you take this person to your bedroom? Do you welcome this person into your back closet? Your laundry room or extra bathroom?

I would like to think that Jesus is more than a guest in our hearts, and more like a good old friend that feels comfortable opening the fridge and grabbing whatever they please. To me, I see Jesus as a gentleman and he is not going to storm into my house without my permission. He is, however, waiting for me to open up and invite him into my space. He loves chatting with me in the foyer, better yet, he loves to sit down at the dining room table and chat over a cup of tea. He receives joy from baking in the kitchen or cooking a yummy meal with me. This he all loves and enjoys doing beside me.

Though he is content with being with us in these rooms of our house, he knows that there is more. He knows the places in our hearts that we are hiding, that we are ashamed of or afraid to show him. He knows that back bedroom closet that we don’t want him to find. He will not push you to take him in, he will wait patiently for you. It is our choice to let him in, he gave us that free will.

Although those places in our hearts are the hardest to let anyone into, it is the best thing that we could possibly do. Invite Jesus into those places, though it feels uncomfortable and scary, he will bring you peace and shine light into that dark place. He will bring restoration, healing, and freedom. But if that door or that room is never opened to him, that hiddenness will hinder so much joy that the father has for you. It only steals away from our relationship with him.

So, how does Jesus feel inside the home you have invited him into? Is he welcomed to roam around your house, bringing light to every nook and cranny? Or is he only allowed in what we call the guest rooms, such as the entryway, dining room, living room, and kitchen? The choice is ours and he is lovingly waiting for us to let him roam around our hearts freely, because that my friends is where his glory really starts to shine.

Let us step out in faith, and invite him into those places together!

– Talesha Radford