Refocus. To bring back into focus by adjustment and realignment.

Sometimes we all need a little adjustment and realignment to bring the things that we are focusing on into greater clarity and vision. It’s like looking through the eye exam machine at the chart of letters and with one little adjustment, everything seems so much clearer.

As a Senior Leadership team, we have been seeking God for greater clarity in the mission and purpose of Garden Valley Church. We have been feeling that this year, 2020 was a year of clarity in our mission, which interestingly enough is what you get when you have 20/20 vision. We feel like God has given us more of a 20/20 vision in our mission as a church.

We have in a sense, refocused our mission statement to help reflect some of this clarity. Now with just one simple sentence and four powerful words, we feel that those who read it will clearly see the God-given mission of our church.

Our mission refocused:

“The mission of Garden Valley Church is to Reach, Prepare, Empower and Connect people to personal & regional transformation.”

We plan to share with you the deeper meaning of these four words, Reach, Prepare, Empower and Connect starting this Sunday with the word Reach. We feel that these four words fully embody the overall mission that God has placed on our house.

Our hope is that this simple yet powerful mission statement will unite us as a family to begin to pursue with great clarity and vision the mission that God has for us as a church body in the year 2020 along with the many years to come.