We have heard most of our lives, “character counts”. We desire integrity in others we are doing business with….we suffer when it is absent & benefit when it is present. You can FEEL the effect of integrity, but we are often NOT realizing how it affects the results of almost every area of our life.

In fact, the way to more money, more profits, more resources is a SHIFT in our own character. At Garden Valley Church, we are very interested in learning HOW to make the personal SHIFTS that will make our work, our worship & our relationships more fruitful.

Let me define “Integrity” with a word picture;

  • Let’s say you are a general in the Air Force & you need a new airplane built. So you go to the Boeing Co. & tell them what kind of airplane you want. They gather their engineers & want to hear WHAT kind of conditions this new jet will be required to withstand;
  • What speeds? 600 MPH….faster? That means it will have to be built with a certain kind of strength to handle the torque….what about the temperatures?
  • Will it fly over the North Pole…or in the searing desert?
  • Different metals required!
  • Will it carry cargo or no….will it fly short or long distances = Fuel is an issue

IN OTHER WORDS = the integrity of the airplane depends upon the design

  • In the same way that the realities of torque, temp & gravity puts demands on metals of the airplane….there are realities put on you & me that we must have equal integrity so that WE do not crash & burn
  • 15:5 “without me you can do nothing”
  • This life cannot be lived successfully without living according to God’s design
  • If you do not have integrity….you will not be able to meet the demands of REALITY…the demands on the metal of my character
  • INTEGRITY = the ability to meet the demands of REALITY

With all his money & fame….Tiger Woods could not meet the demands of the reality in his life. He was rich & famous….loaded with plenty of money, but bankrupt & cracked on the inside. Many star athletes, many well-known politicians & public personalities have never made the SHIFT that we can make at GVC.

In my personal life I must have integrity / In my family, I must have / in my relationships, I must have / SEXUALLY I must have / God the Father, Jesus Christ the Word & the Holy Spirit are all working to SHIFT you & me! Won’t you join me as we learn to LIVE LIFE SUCCESSFULLY?

“Shift happens at GVC”


Pastor Craig