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  • Superwoman Conference 2016

    We are so excited about this year’s conference.  Our heart is that we come together to let the Word inspire, empower and transform us.  This year we are exploring His Word through study, the power of His promises and through creative expression.  For all those who need rest, come and be refreshed.  For all those who need joy, come and laugh with us.  For those who need peace, come and experience the goodness of God.  For those who need love, come fellowship with us.  For those who need inspiration, come hear what the creator of all things has for you.   His Word is true and powerful. Let’s dive in and connect to it like never before.

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    Single Ticket

    Purchase of a single ticket. Ticket includes dinner and entertainment.

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  • Guts Men’s Conference 2017

    Includes all 4 sessions from GUTS. Are you ready to chase after the things that are robbing you from the fullness of who you are called to be?  Are you ready to become the man that God designed you to be?  GUTS will challenge you to the core and cause you to rise to the occasion as a man.  Get ready to GET YOUR ROAR BACK!!

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  • For Heaven’s Sake P1

    Craig Schlesinger

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    Purchase of a singe childcare ticket. Please purchase more than one ticket for multiple children.

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  • First Fruits P3

    Curt Crook

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  • First Fruits P2

    Curt Crook

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  • First Fruits P1

    Curt Crook

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    For new RSM students who want everything available to them. Fall through Spring terms: consisting of 4.5 hours per week of class time (Wed night Leadership Basics, Revivalist session, and second session Kingdom Leadership Track )and twice a month Saturday activations.

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  • Guest Speaker – Thom Fields

    Thom Fields

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