I am a mom with 6 children, 5 boys 1 girl ranging in ages from 21-11. Most days I feel as though I am somewhat certain that my husband and I are heading them in the right direction and I feel as though I’m “winning” at this thing called parenting. THEN. Then there are days when I just don’t get it right. Days that hold lessons not just for them but even bigger ones for me.

Recently, my son Caleb (who has given permission to be named and shared) participated with his team in a baseball tournament. He is a catcher and a talented one at that and his dream is to catch one day for the SF Giants. He was day 2 of the tournament and he was catching the second game. The first game of the day they won and they had been FLYING HIGH with enthusiasm and then came the second game. They felt like they had it, that nothing could take them down coming off the win they had just won. UNTIL. Until they were down. They found themselves in a slump, in their perspective an unrecoverable slump. They couldn’t see how a comeback was possible, so they lost hope.

After this particular game and being eliminated from the tournament, we headed home. Being real, I was not a happy mama, not because of the loss, but I too played this game and knew I knew exactly what he should have, could have, and what I would have done. The ride home was filled with all the advice that I felt surely would have altered the outcome, starting with attitude. I walked away from this conversation with Caleb knowing I HAD BLEW IT. I found myself spending the afternoon in tears as I confirmed to myself over and over what a terrible mother I was. UNTIL. UNTIL GOD SPOKE. I felt God say” you are never gonna get it all right and I don’t expect you to.” In an instant, this rush of peace flooded over me reminding that in those times in life when we just “blow it” that God not only can but wants to take those things from us and bring good from it. After apologizing to my son, what the enemy meant for disruption God used for unity between my son and I and we BOTH learned a valuable lesson on attitude.

You see, that afternoon found me in a slump much like what Caleb experienced. My attitude was not right, my heart and my attention focused on my failure instead of on the hope of my promise. You see so often we all feel like we just have to “ get it right” for God to be pleased with us, or maybe you feel like when you have your life” just right” it will be the perfect time to come to Jesus. How often do we FLY HIGH off the enthusiasm when we are “getting it right” or “ winning” and then when the storms come, or we fall, or we feel like we “ blew it” we find ourselves in a slump. Struck out. Benched. Discounted. Disqualified. You see, the enemy wants you to see your mistakes as failures that lead into an unrecoverable slump, BUT God sees not failures but opportunities. Opportunity to redeem you, restore you, grow you, groom you, develop you, and to love you. Love you through the easy stuff, the hard stuff, and the hardest stuff yet to come. You see, just like me, you will never “ get it all right”, you will never have your life” just right” in order to come to Jesus and the beauty of it…..You don’t have to. Jesus loves you just the way you are, right where you are and through Him, HE will take the stuff in your life that’s not right and if you allow Him He will make it right and He will use it in your life to encourage others to see that through Him they can get right too. So what are you waiting for? What are the things in your life that maybe you don’t get “ just right” or are waiting for your life to be “just right” before coming to the One who’s been calling you and waiting for you? What is keeping you on the bench when God is calling you to the game? This is your time. This is your place. You were made for this.

Batter up…..